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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Shut up and dance with me

Are you writing jazz or pop? Are you living jazz or pop?

The gatekeepers (agents or publishers) will tell you it must be pop if you want to travel the traditional route to publishing. On the average pop overwhelmingly outsells jazz.
What is pop in writing? It’s an approved structure. You must have an inciting incident in scene one (something changes in a protagonist’s life that sets him/her on a new journey). Life must get progressively more difficult for your protagonist (black moments). The antagonist must be worthy of the fight. In romance, there must be a happily ever after.
What is jazz in writing?
A lyrical trip of beauty or ugliness in which the art holds sway over structure. The structure glimmers and is more likely felt than pinned down.
If you are self-publishing you have a choice. If you have an artist’s soul, sing your black and white song and watch as readers blossom under the colors of their imagination. But there’s nothing wrong with pop as long as you keep your integrity and pay attention to the beauty of your story.
If you are trying to pay bills choose pop. Either way, good luck.

In life, jazz is free spirit. Be true to yourself and walk your path with  head high.

Shut Up And Dance by Walk the Moon, 2014


  1. Bob: When it comes to music, I'm a Jazz fan, but in writing, I try to produce books that will be popular. That means following some rules. But it's all fun.

  2. What a beautiful little piece/post.
    I've mostly put my jazz away to pop as an author.
    Always thought literary was a place for jazz, and
    I'm looking for places amid my prose to wax poetic.
    Sometime handholding and clarity is not in order. Sometimes the reader
    has to just "shut up and dance."