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Sunday, May 10, 2015


Do something for somebody.

Whether your words are saucy or serene
Profane or profound
Funny or serious
They tell the same story
Who knows the meaning of life

A mother knows
She shares the beauty of her soul
Romance writers share
with their many babies
Who want nourishment
Giving back to the many
Is the ultimate act of love
Write what you love
And love what you write
So many will be lifted by

Brave by Sara Bareilles, 2013

Some of my sisters at RWA juggle children, husband, friends and other responsibilities with writing. All of what they do is loving. When some strangers pick up your book, smiles, lightens their troubles, leads the way through insight and emotion, you've done your job. Never feel guilty for sharing with the world your talents.
Happy Mothers (every) Day.
Men who know these simple truths appreciate and admire you. And some of us know enough to write about it!

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  1. Bob: Great advice. My children are grown, so I no longer juggle attention to them, or outside job duties with writing. Even so, my DH sometimes complains I spend too much time in my office. So it's easy to feel guilty about the huge amount of time required to turn out a good (one hopes) book. I do try to be sensible about it, but, after so many years of juggling, it's amazing to feel like my own boss. And thanks for the Mother's day wishes.