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Sunday, July 8, 2018


I got out of the shower, dressed but didn’t comb my hair. A scary sight. I Facetimed my 10-year-old grandson who is visiting New York City. I introduced myself as a Grandpopasaurs and immediately intrigued him. I asked him what his favorite dinosaur at the natural history museum was. "Ankylaurus." "Why?" Kai said, “he has all these things coming out of his head (like you).” I asked him if the dinosaurs were running all over the place like in the movie? "No," but in his mind, they were tearing up the place and some were eating tourists.

It dawned on me that we should be doing that* up front in our novels. *Intriguing, turning on the reader’s imagination, fantasies. This transports them to your world. Books on writing all talk about developing empathy in the first chapter. I say don’t forget intriguing your reader as well.

This type of writing happens all the time in song. Lyricists must capture us during a 2 or 3-minute song.
Here's an example from song:
Shut Up and Dance, by Walk the Moon, 2014
I say, “this (newly met) woman is my destiny.”

She says, “shut up and dance with me.” Wow, you can read into this statement that she wants to dance, is attracted, doesn’t want him to put the horse before the cart, see where this leads naturally (in an earthy situation, etc. etc,). 

Two examples from novels:
Example 1 is from Neanderthals and the Garden of Eden, by RW Richard, 2006

Doctor Siegbert Singer, chief archeologist for the Reich and SS group leader used every advantage he could to stay alive in a world built on paranoia and literal backstabbing. The Nazis found his initials, SS, a sign of destiny. It helped his longevity. Therefore, he didn’t need encouragement when he pushed his only friend and fellow SS officer off the sheer southern cliff of Twin Summits Mountain. …“you should try skiing today, Max. Auf Wiedersehen.” 

Example 2 is from Natural Born Charmer, by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, 2007]
It wasn’t every day a guy saw a headless beaver marching down the side of the road, not even in Dean Robillard’s larger-than-life world. “Son of a…” Dean slammed the brakes of his brand-new Aston Martin Vanquish and pulled over in front of her. 

I’d love to hear your intriguing, engaging hook.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Meet me in the middle

The Middle by Zedd, Morris, & Grey is a 2018 log running number one hit.
Lovers meeting in the middle or not over some issues. They have disagreements. They're in. They're out. It's a mess. She wants him to pull her closer, come on over.

This is drama and good for romance fiction. But don't forget the end game. This is where the lovers run past half way. They reach the finish line. They have both given 100% to each other. There is perfect balance. It's not the middle. It's all in.
Their love doesn't consume each other. It makes their lives complete. Man fulfills himself, carries on the Creator's purpose by finding his mate (and adoring her). I do.

The Middle 2018 by Zedd, Morris, Grey

Sunday, July 1, 2018

I think the world of you

I think the world of you.

A cliché to be sure. It is almost a throw away line like have a good day. Clichés are there for a reason. They generally use less words and are the most precise way of expressing something. So, if the person is being genuine (and not a fiction writer) what does it mean?

To suggest that someone means the world to you is a variation on “you are my world.” These two phrases are close enough in meaning to be grouped here. Humans search for purpose. If their purpose is making another human being happy, these clichés apply. In this purpose a person finds meaning for hi life. He is fulfilled. He can die someday with the thought of great peace and accomplishment.

Writing “I think the world of you” or some creative substitution should be accompanied by body language, internal monologue, etc. Since clarity is king and clichés are overused to the state of being watered down the writer must clarify. A creative substitution should also be clarified to enrich the story and because a little used phrase is also little understood.

Try “without you I am lost” or “I eat, drink and sleep you.” Have fun with your substitutions.

Monday, June 25, 2018

The Proposal

It’s interesting to see how new reality shows attract and then, hopefully hold an audience. ABC has just launched The Proposal.  It promises the strong possibility that two strangers will become engaged in one hour. They hide one in a booth and he or she chooses from ten. They have rounds, like a beauty contest where the contestants ask or answer questions. And yes, there is a swimsuit competition. Sorry if I offend but one of the attractions for me was the swimsuit competition at the Miss America pageant. In fact, I appreciated the gowns as well. The way a woman dresses shows off her femininity, because you can’t separate the culture from the person. We’ll see. Perhaps I won’t see.

Back to ABC, using rounds and the reveal at the end saves the show from disaster by introducing drama. I can only hope that the newly engaged couple will last, but I don’t care much, because I hardly know them. Unlike a good romance in a novel or real life, the couple’s commitment needs to be questioned and tried. Man is a social animal. Family, friends, and the couple do what’s best for each other. The couple have yet to work together.

If you want to watch The Proposal for light entertainment you may enjoy it. I probably will watch the next episode in which the woman chooses.

Sunday, June 17, 2018


Sometimes one can do nothing about it.
I met my soulmate. The attraction was unstoppable, infinite. He was male, not much of one, and extremely hairy. Something must have been wrong. Nope. While stealing my heart, he told me a story that changed my life. He started with a wink with one eye, then the other, then that devastating smile. He whispered about the beginnings of man and wolf and how they were often together.
He went on. For the longest while, there were no dogs, no domestication by the will, force and brilliance of man. Just these gorgeous creatures prancing in and out of our lives. Frankie stayed with me sixteen years, he was half Canis Lupus and half Canus Lupus Familiaris. Yes, sixteen fantastic years. Every day I patted him, engaged him in a rather one-sided conversation, walked with him. Every night I hugged, kissed and told him I loved him. He is now with Brother Wolf, but he is also in my heart forever. I love him.
Frankie left me with a story that became my first novel (Neanderthals and the Garden of Eden; Running with Wolves). Funny thing about not knowing much about writing when it’s your first book. This one was my best. I got an agent, lost said agent. I sold a modest 5000 copies. I told a true story, also a story true to my heart. Because I believed in my story with every fiber of my being, it became my best, writing capabilities or not.
I like to think I learned more, but my tour of the infinite, a peek into the design of our creator cannot be topped.

How Much is That Doggie in the Window, by Patti Page, 1953

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Women and Intuition

It is pretty much agreed by both men and women that women, on the average, are more intuitive. There is this whole brain thinking idea as opposed to men using straight line or logical thinking. Of course, we are all a mix of logic and intuition and to interfere with these two qualities, emotion.

I was surprised by the first episode of ABC’s The Bachelorette when Becca Kufrin, the bachelorette, was visited by the four former Bachelorettes. They pointed out that they all chose their fiancé/husband the first night, giving them a first impression rose. One of them suggested that the success rate for women was (much) higher than that of The Bachelor show also by ABC, and by the way, following the same format except with roles reversed. This is an understatement. I, being the ex-scientist / engineer, found the odds of the possible fifth first impression rose and man making it to an engagement/marriage astronomical and that women could be so much better at choosing a life partner than men. As I said, it is generally agreed that women are a bit better at intuition than men or at least they rely on it more.

I cannot conclude that this one example is scientifically sufficient to reach a conclusion. So, I’ll just enjoy the show.

But, get this, the show starts, men are arriving in limos. But not Garrett Yrigoyen. He drives up to the mansion in a mini-van stocked with car seats, baby wipes, etc. Naturally, he shows her. She’s smitten by his thoughtfulness. Later in the evening he teaches this outdoor girl, fly-fishing. Ho scores. He gets the first impression rose. Will he by the fifth in a row to marry?

Maybe? He apparently also arrived with baggage. He had been married years ago and then walked out after six months. He used to click on (liked) what he thought were funny pictures on the internet. Such as anti LGBTQ, a Mexican child about to be thrown over the wall by an American guard (staged), anti-feminist propaganda, etc. Oh, he’s a catch.

Since then he has deleted his online social media accounts and apologized. But, I’d like to know what lame-brain would in this day and age or any other, find these things funny, or for any other reason want to click “a Like.” I believe we either choose to hate or love.

Becca has asked her fans to keep an open mind and take the journey with her. I will take her up on it, and wish that she chooses wisely using her intuition and other gifts she so evidently has.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

A strong-willed woman

Before I start, I want top apologize to my readers. I've been missing in action for a bit more than a month. I have been writing this blog for many years and felt I had reached the end of all knowledge as is know it.

I will be changing things in the blog. I will expand the subject matter and include staff writers in a magazine style. To become a staff writer just email me with your intro and idea(s). A staff writer is also independent, this blog doesn't pay. There will be no restrictions on content and format as long as the piece is somewhat short and we always can apply the golden rule.


I'll bet some will look at this title and be curious without reflection on the negative connotations. Writers must consider how some readers will misunderstand intent if the word(s) aren't clear.

I watched a Hallmark recently set in the gold rush era of the mid eighteen hundreds. The sheriff tells a worker that his female boss was a "strong willed" person. Apparently some men back then, and also today, think of a woman as a subservient person. Many might not yet know that a woman has a will, depending on how good their mom and dad taught them (about respect and dignity). Some are buttressed by their misguided faith. Some men beat their wives or worse when they show will.

In the case of the movie, the sheriff was issuing a warning and a challenge basically saying. "Are you just another hayseed, spectin' the woman to be your slave? If so, there's the trail and don't come back anytime soon, unless you have a hankering for my jail."

Being strong willed is both a positive and negative trait. If you have something to offer to the argument, please do bring your strong will, be you man or woman. If you don't you are just a pest with an unsupportable opinion.

Hallmark's Love Begin's originally aired in 2011.