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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Crushes for fun and profit: May 26, 2013

Cultivating crushes for your health

Crushes can happen at any age married or unmarried. Of course, if you or your crush is married, it is not recommended to take those silly thoughts out of your head and put them on the table over a latte.

But why have one, anyway?

Human beings may be the only animal on the planet who creates impossible situations in their imaginations as a non-obvious way of improving their ‘real’ lives. Know anyone who writes for a living?

Crushes can:

1. Help you lose weight when you imagine the day your crush requests you take off your clothes and then dies of a heart attack.

1a. Lower your cholesterol, diminish bad or excessive eating habits, and lengthen a healthy life.

2. Elevate your romantic needs, which can have a positive effect on your partner (if you have one) or get you throw out of the bedroom for being too horny.

3. Can develop a lasting friendship, especially in the case of a mutual crush.

3a. Can become a backup plan in case you outlive your partner. Healthy is the theme here: no murders, please. Remember how important real love is to the heart and soul. (Imagine the day: you’re ninety, you look up all your old crushes who are still living, sit down with them, discover you really had nothing in common or that reality pales in comparison, so you keep your eyes open for that next crush sure to come along but die with love in your heart for all your heartfelt memories.

4. Nurture your heart, keep yourself younger and living longer (so you can be disappointed—see 3a.).

The following is an Oscar winning short. It’s 14 minutes long, but well worth it, just like the amount of time you might spend fantasizing about that very unspecial someone.
The Crush (2010)

I'll part with a story about a guy and gal, as told to me. More than ten years ago at a gym, she nearly fainted, first time in his presence. He was intrigued and ready to catch her. She said it never happened to her before, he was flattered. They shared a coffee, she was getting a divorce, he had a solid marriage. They became sweet friends for years until the day she could stand it no longer. No Matter how many relationships she went through she had fallen in love with him. He had always loved her (as a crush/friend). She left the gym to join another because she wanted more, but knew she had to move on. She finally found a guy to marry who could make her swoon and with whom she had so much more in common than her crush/love. So, was it better for this 'couple' never to have said anyhting or was it ridiculously impossible not to?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some men aren't ready for love, May 19, 2013

Some men are just not ready for a long term commitment. You could wait twenty years for this type of guy. Move on girls.
In honor of the Bachelorette which will start in a week. I thought we'd warm up.
Source: Baby Bachelor - Part 1 - You Tube

Sunday, May 12, 2013

You mothers out there, May 12, 2013


Something deep within the female soul seeks to nurture no matter the circumstances. All the better if they have kids to do this to.

Toss Goldie Hawn Overboard, give her amnesia, a handyman (Kurt Russell) who wants to get even and you have the ingredients for a classic screwball romantic comedy. There are some films I 'can' watch more than once. And honestly, it's not because Goldie has a perfectly delectable body. Honest. I like her mind too (rumor has it, she's no dummy). Well okay, I'm getting off point.

Thank God for moms.



Thursday, May 9, 2013

Here's how a story could go wrong: a buffalo on a trampoline, May 9, 2013

Please read the previous post and comments to make sense of this as it relates to writing.

So what type of writing is this, besides funny?

Buffalo on Trampoline: YouTube:


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Writing is like a fox jumping on a trampoline, May 5, 2013

Sometimes writing, by someone not yet published, is like a fox jumping on a trampoline. You  (the fox) don’t know what it is, but you are sure you’ll love it. You observe bigger creatures getting a bounce out of it, whatever that is. You want it too. You jump and wonder why your bounce is so small. But it is a bounce. You do it again and again. You’re hooked. Even though it’s a small bounce, it’s fun to you. Someone watches you. She doesn’t think it’s a small bounce. She thinks it’s a subtle bounce and very entertaining.

Maybe after viewing this video you’ll think my analogy is a bit of a stretch. So let’s look at it another way. Sometimes writing is like discovering hidden beauty. Sometimes I just want to show you what I love, which is very much about the male POV.
Yesterday I'm driving fast in the 3 northbound lanes of El Camino Real. I notice a pickup truck stopped in the passing lane encroaching about a foot into the next lane. I slow down. A big tattoed guy is out of his truck along the side facing the medial strip. I slow down some more and the other cars trailing behind me are doing the same. By the time I notice the mother goose and her goslings all in a line waddling along the side of the truck tight up against the medial and within a foot of this big guy's legs, I'm by the truck. I lamented not being quick enough to slow down and bring everybody behind me to a stop. But, the cars behind me having more time to react stop and the big man . . . well that's all I saw before I turned up Levante. I think we can write a happily ever after. There were no crashes on the eleven o'clock news.