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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Writing is like a fox jumping on a trampoline, May 5, 2013

Sometimes writing, by someone not yet published, is like a fox jumping on a trampoline. You  (the fox) don’t know what it is, but you are sure you’ll love it. You observe bigger creatures getting a bounce out of it, whatever that is. You want it too. You jump and wonder why your bounce is so small. But it is a bounce. You do it again and again. You’re hooked. Even though it’s a small bounce, it’s fun to you. Someone watches you. She doesn’t think it’s a small bounce. She thinks it’s a subtle bounce and very entertaining.

Maybe after viewing this video you’ll think my analogy is a bit of a stretch. So let’s look at it another way. Sometimes writing is like discovering hidden beauty. Sometimes I just want to show you what I love, which is very much about the male POV.
Yesterday I'm driving fast in the 3 northbound lanes of El Camino Real. I notice a pickup truck stopped in the passing lane encroaching about a foot into the next lane. I slow down. A big tattoed guy is out of his truck along the side facing the medial strip. I slow down some more and the other cars trailing behind me are doing the same. By the time I notice the mother goose and her goslings all in a line waddling along the side of the truck tight up against the medial and within a foot of this big guy's legs, I'm by the truck. I lamented not being quick enough to slow down and bring everybody behind me to a stop. But, the cars behind me having more time to react stop and the big man . . . well that's all I saw before I turned up Levante. I think we can write a happily ever after. There were no crashes on the eleven o'clock news.


  1. Interesting analogy. Re: the video, it was cute, but I got the impressions the foxes didn't really weight enough to actually "bounce". Maybe that works for the analogy, too. Nice post, Bob.

  2. Thanks Ann,

    Funny thing about that fox. You could see his wheels churning over hisattempt to bounce. Even though it was a little bounce (because of weight), he seemed to love it. So I figured writing is about finding joy in your story whether it's a thriller with the President of the Untied States or a heart warming story of a garbage man finding love. Okay, maybe that's a stinky idea, maybe not. But people relate to the human condition no matter the station (weight) in life as I know you know from your great characters.

    Did you know the Russians are selling domesticated foxes? (A mere $4000!!)