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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Let's Dance

Let’s Dance
Last week I wrote about heroines or heroes who sing. This week is much easier. Let’s dance. For some reason authors write much more romance prose about dancing as incidental and as part of their characters’ lives than about songbirds. Oddly, the prose flows more easily when it is about movement than about words. Words, the only tool we have. Enough of that.
I won’t bare you with quotes from my dance references. Anybody who has read Autumn Breeze knows the joy with which I had written about dancing.
Dancing Queen, Abba, 1976

Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Girl Who Sang too much

I have never read a romance novel nor any other novel in which the hero or heroine were singing their way through the day. Probably because it is damn well difficult to get any thing other than the poetry and perhaps the mood of the song across to the reader. Also because most of us have not experienced the zany singer in our families, nor are we reinforced on TV or at the movies that it is doable or shown how to do it.
Only in musicals and they rarely sing their way through the entire day. Besides, musicals are separated from the other genres because human beings find breaking into song as unusual. All the better reason to attempt it.
Imagine the spirit of a person who loves to sing. She’s typically not a professional but her voice is sweet. Does he or she sing to escape reality? Does she become the lyrics? What kind of heart has she?
All this is grist for a novel. Will the reader identify? You bet. Human nature in all its beautiful manifestations is easily understood.
I suppose a story about a professional singer would need the author to dig in, but I haven’t read these either nor have we grown up in this environment. For those who have been blessed to be part of a musical family, think about it. Even a short story or novella would be greatly appreciated.

If anybody knows of such a novel, please inform me, I'd like to read it.

Singin’ In The Rain, Gene Kelly, 1952
BTW, anybody ever dance with their vacuum cleaner or broom?