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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Double romances

Plenty of full-length novels feature two romances, typically a major and minor one. Two major romances can be written if the characters are developed sufficiently, which IMO means more pages til the happily-ever-afters.

Occasionally, a mid-length novel (65,000 words) can do the job but probably if it’s a romantic comedy, in which the pace is queen. For those who would like to see how I handled this challenge, try out my romantic comedy Double Happiness. I’ve been accused of writing a very mannish book (for this one), but since I am one and this blog is about the male POV, I'll stand pat.

Sometimes, a TV try at this can go too far. I’m still watching Married At First Sight but I'm not enjoying it that much because it has, for me, become borderline clinical.

The best reality TV show for romance is The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Try to remember that relative degrees of staging is what we writers do and then take a good look at this show and analyze the educational and/or entertainment value of the product and what insights it may offer a professional writer.

This season of The Bachelorette, ABC lost a golden opportunity to showcase two budding romances. Probably they couldn’t afford to have two women (and approx. twice the primetime air) work together at eliminations and who to pick for dates. Did anybody say catfights, drama, men getting emotional, on and on? Actually, Britt and Kaitlyn had gotten along really well.

Britt, who is part Cherokee, Swedish and Hungarian (I’m hungry) is a 15 on a scale of 10 and as one contestant put it, she’s a billion.

Kaitlyn is beautiful in her own right and has a great sense of humor. Couple that with a little bad-girl she keeps trying to tame (unsuccessfully) and you have drama over her arc or progression to monogamy during the story.

Anyway, at the end of the first episode, the men barely chose Kaitlyn over Britt and Britt left the show, but not entirely. Perhaps some of them thought Britt too beautiful to be trusted?

A Nashville singer/song writer politely asked Kaitlyn to be let go because his heart was set on pursuing Britt. BTW, Britt doesn’t just have stunning looks, she’s empathetic and nurturing.

Have no fear, Britt fans, you will see her at least one more time on this week’s show as the Nashville suitor knocks on her hotel door.

Here’s a Brian Seacrest interview of the Bachelorettes:

BTW, one of my dear friends who in her fifties said of beauty, men need choose more than just beauty because we all lose our charms over time. My dear friend, look in a mirror, you are still beautiful and your personality is a “billion.”

Extar credit. Below is for diehard fans of the show:
An ABC promo for the remainder of the season (pick the first video if more than one shows up):


  1. Bob:
    I'm not a BACHELORETTE fan. In fact I don't watch any "reality' shows, and very few TV shows of any kind. That's because, IMHO, except for PBS, there's little worth watching these days. I'd rather be writing, and will have to read your DOUBLE ROMANCE to "get" your point. Good luck with that.

  2. Hi Phyllis,

    I guess will always disagree although I very much like PBS and NPR as well. Part of being married is sharing at least some of the likes of one's partner. But I really have to plead guilty, mostly. I grew up, the oldest of eight kids and that TV was somehow a mix of all ten of us. Although, as the oldest, I can remember having sway over such programs as The Texaco Theater (Milton Berle). I loved Steve Allen, Sid Caesar and Jackie Gleason and didn't much go for Ed Sullivan (too much reality acts, LOL). I watched Peri Como because my parents were enthralled and I became interested in love ballads and crooners voices, especially Doris Day. (I also enjoyed Star Trek, Hawaii Five O, Colombo (and his sister shows like McMillan and Wife) and Masterpiece Theater.)

    So in short we are all partially a product of our own environment and ther is no right or wrong way of enjoying oneself. I write about the Bachelor partially because I need something to write about but mostly because it is my favorite show! (an it makes my week). But this season promises to be a train wreck in the making.

    p.s. About Double Happiness. This one book of mine is different than my others. The pace is quick thruout (not a normal romance(s)). It's more like a Stephanie Plum story than one of Susan Elizabeth Phillips'. I also must admit to ripping off Shakespeare, well, actually just being inspired by his, Comedy of Errors.