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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Please do serve two masters

I watched a Hallmark romance last night in which the alpha hero assumed the heroine would want to move out of state. So he accepted a position without consulting her. She in the mean time was accepted at Stanford for residency as a doctor. His lack of communication ruined their engagement.

The younger the couple the more their financial future is uncertain and so then are their choices. Some work long hours, seek advancement and assume they have the support of their spouse. In this process, many relationships are lost.

Is all this time away from the home for the health of the family or one's own dreams of success (or both)?

In the Hallmark movie, the fiancé is confronted by the maid of honor.
He says, "I'm trying to secure our financial well being."
She counters with, "What about her emotional well being?"

Man is driven to improve the world and love. Some alphas are egocentric and don't see the wrong they've committed. Before I got married, I told my wife to be that as a chess master I would play in no more than one two-day tournament a month as a condition of getting married. She accepted and over time I know she didn't like it too much, but we're fine. Dialogue is critical.

Some alphas don't want marriage or romance and some heroines set out to fell the self-contained man. This is not to say this type of egocentrism isn't found in other types, both male and female. It, IMO, is more pronounced in alpha males.

Perhaps the success of Fifty Shades of Grey can be attributed to how the hero was honest in what drove him, rather than lie to get what he wanted. He didn't believe in romance. He was driven by success. She had a goal.

Here's the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey.

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  1. Bob: that's an interesting idea. When I married my husband, he talked about the possibility he could get transferred to Chicago from Calilfornia. After I had spent years of effort to get to California from Chicago. Luckily, that never happened. He's retired and we're in a different city but still in California.