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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Are you being followed by a moonshadow?

If you not being followed by a moonshadow, I highly recommend getting one, they're free and it will follow you.

That's the beauty of song. Each person takes away his own meaning. Less so for the novel and even less so for the novelist. In the novelist's world in which clarity is god, the respite comes in writing a message to yourself in-between the lines.

I was in a group of friends when one declared that being madly in love takes away physical pain.
You've heard the expressions:
head over heels.
feelin' no pain.
They're in another world.
crazy in love.
it's obvious they love each other.
drunk on love.
she has a special glow (beaming).
Yes, they say love hurts, but isn't that when your love isn't with you?

It's true that you don't notice the pain so much when you are engrossed in something interesting. It's true: when that special someone comes into view you lose your sense of self, but is it true that being in love takes away physical pain for a long time? Emotional pain is another subject—the edge between ecstasy and pain when in a romance is a two edged blade. And would any of us have it any other way?

Cat Stevens, Moonshadow, 1971

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  1. Bob: Thanks so much for your valentine gift. My other gift was a trip to the theatre to see a performance of GUYS AND DOLLS, one of my favorite musicals. And, speaking of love, one of the songs is:
    "I've never been in love before. Now all at once it's you. It's you forever more"

  2. Cat Stevens has a way with a song :)

    Endorphins can accomplish a lot, perhaps overcome physical pain also. I'm skeptical though.