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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Writing the cowboy/rancher/farmer

When the male hero is a cowboy/rancher/farmer, women melt, probably because it's a fantasy. In real life, most women don't run toward the country. When writing a mom and apple pie character one should give him dimension and when writing about the country, it needs to be shown through the eyes of anyone who would be captured by its charm even if it's the small/medium sized town nearby or the swam in the lake.

The producers of The Bachelor haven't shown enough as yet of Chris Soules' character to break down this prejudice. Chris is a very successful businessman with a great heart and he handles himself well with the women. However at this point the show is open to spoofing because the audience is just not buying that all these women want to move to the country just because he's a hunk.

Saturday Night Live satirized this problem with Blake Shelton playing Chris. Don't let your romance turn into a comedy unless you want it to. I believe Chris will acquit himself well and get his happily-ever-after, but maybe I'm an incurable romantic.


I'm toying with the idea of collecting my blog posts here on the male POV and making it into a "how to write male characters" book. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  1. Bob: What a great idea. I think you should definitely help the other men out there with advice about how to write romance from the male viewpoint. I can't comment on the Bachelor or SNL because I watch very little TV. I live for DOWNTON ABBEY on Sunday night.

  2. But he's a rich hunk. Makes him more of the "Dallas" type than a working ranch hand.