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Sunday, January 25, 2015


Many of my chapter mates (RWASD) write about cowboys or Navy Seals as their alpha male heroes. In American Sniper you get both. Chris Kyle had two loves that ran so deep within him and were so authentically portrayed in the movie. He loved his wife and his country. Many of you have misgivings about war or seeing a "war" movie.

See this movie.

I saw Iraq as a mistake that spawn vast armies of terrorists, but I also felt Afghanistan was necessary. We in our hearts have differing but earnest beliefs. The film isn't so much about war as it is about love and what love makes us do. You are not a man if you don't stand for and do something you believe in and in this way give back the talents God gave you. We were not made to just propagate, we are also here to make a better world for our mates and children. Struggle to find this ever-shifting balance in your hero and heroine.

Instead of showing the film's promo, I present a video clip of one of Taya Kyle's interviews which will help a romance writer get a feel for the relationship she had (has) (she's a widow), but seeing the film will complete your study of what makes a hero.
I need a subtitle for my 9/11 retrospective (novel) Autumn Breeze. I need something that captures the times or the date 9/11/2001 or the city NY. Anybody have an idea or care to comment about today's post?

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  1. Bob: I agree with you that invading Iraq made terrorism worse. In fact I said it would in my letter to Pres. Bush in 2003, the day he announced it. When will we learn that war is never the answer? The lovely lady in your post is a widow and her children are fatherless because men keep making these choices. IMHO