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Sunday, July 6, 2014

A guy's intuition

I had been sent into Target to buy two things. The store is huge, so I looked around for someone official to ask directions. No one appeared. I decided to turn on my intuition. Cleared all my thoughts and let my feet take me to the two objects. Job done. (Naturally having a huge amount of training in logic, deduction and induction helped, subconsciously and consciously).

I'm in an aerobics class with a dear friend on my side. Girls (the entire class was mostly strangers except for the bond to class) she never talked to (as far as I know) started offering her support. She had barely whispered to me that her boyfriend had broken up with her a couple days before  and that she had cried. The girls' radar picked up on what is a very feminine way of dealing with loss but was hardly demonstrated in class. I needed to be informed. They emoted. I knew months previous to this I knew that something was amiss. I don't know what the group knew.

What's the meaning of all this? Well, remember, I might not represent the typical male and this blog is primarily about exceptions to rules. I consider myself the creative type. Also the sample of odd occurrences is not large enough to discover a truth. Perhaps you have stories that you'd like to share.

There are intertwined fields of studies about seeing the world beyond science as we know it today. There's super string theory with its ten dimensions, noetic science, telepathy, remote viewing, etc. I'm a sceptic with an open mind. But intuition is simple, right?
Here we have Tim Cook's (Apple CEO) take on intuition:

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