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Sunday, June 29, 2014


Last night, Saturday, we watched a Hallmark premier, WHEN SPARKS FLY. For those interested, it’s on again tonight at 9. Hallmark is often our date. The premise of this one bothered me initially because it seemed to undermine the value of and honor in friendship. A bride-to-be asks her best friend (bff) to be maid of honor at her wedding to her best friend’s ex-boyfriend. I being a male writer of romance was skeptical the writers and actors could pull off a happily-ever-after when some old feelings (7 years old) are stirred up). I’m not going to give away the ending, but my hat is off to the superb acting of both heroines.

I realized or remembered two things:

1.      If I ever meet my high school sweetheart somehow, there would be little doubt feelings would surge through me as I recalled all our great times.

2.      I too am very guilty of using this plot twist in Double Happiness (soon to be released). So basically I shut up, sat down and with an open mind, watched.

Afterwards, my wife innocently said, this is like so many of the romance novels she reads (does she not know I write and understand romance or do I really understand the finer points of romance). I struggle.

The relationship between the two girls is a joy to watch, especially in the final act of the movie.
Here's hallmark's promo:


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