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Sunday, July 27, 2014


When I look into your eyes

In the parable as in real life, taking a leap of faith, giving up everything to possess the pearl of great value has its award. Heaven (the pearl), in the case of the parable and heaven on earth for The Bachelorette. Andi Dorfman gave up her job (not career) as an assistant district attorney for Atlanta to find that one greatest gift the creator has allowed us on this Earth, love. Her pearl of great value is that man who would complement her on life’s journey. BTW, along the way, he'll compliment her.

For the men, she is that pearl, their heaven on earth. On this season of The Bachelorette, more men than ever before have declared their love for this woman. Why? Throw out the stereotype that in a man’s eyes a woman must be barefoot (allegory for dumb). Andy is impressive, not only in beauty and heart, easily demonstrated by the caring way she treated her suitors, but in intellect, not so easily demonstrated. (She's a terrible dancer but that wouldn't have stopped a bachelor me.)

I had been particularly impressed when she visited Nick’s (one of the two final men) family. Nick has eleven brothers and sisters including him. She’s sitting in the living room surrounded by multiple pictures of the extended family and some at various ages. Someone, in gest, asked her if she could attach a name to each picture. She reeled them off without hesitation. This is a sign of a well-organized and trained mind. It’s also a sign of a woman who is passionate about getting to know Nick’s family. Applying intense desire produces better results (yo, in writing too).

I know some of my blog followers are skeptical of this show for various reasons. This season, however, included a lie detector test. Surprise. And why not every season? Andy’s test was read on the air. Yes, she was on the show for the right reasons, not necessarily a given. Some of the men lied and may not have been on the show for the right reasons. We don’t know at this point, because, Andy, an attorney, decided to rip the reports up and place her trust in her suitors. What? What? Her whole love life depends on picking the right guy. Perhaps she had already decided.

Okay, one of the two remaining bachelors (Josh) lied when he took the lie-detector test. Perhaps his lies were innocuous or perhaps he grew into his love for Andy.

Monday night, July 28, 2014 is the finale and its fans and perhaps some sceptics will check it out.

Are you expecting a Bachelorette promo below? Not this time. You'll just have to tune in tomorrow night to see Andy and her two suitors.

Firehouse's WHEN I LOOK INTO YOUR EYES, 1992


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  1. Bob:
    Like your Blog, but hate reality shows (except for Dancing WTS and that's for the dancing and only if i know the Stars). Also hate Science Fiction and Dystopian novels.