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Sunday, January 12, 2014



Tomboys are a popular choice when writing heroines and are also popular in society, but not so for tomgirls. What is a tomgirl? There's no such word. One reason is, society, reinforced by most boys and men don't allow boys or men to "step a little outside the rigid masculine stereotype." This thought and many other insights are addressed by Emily Alpert Reyes, a LA Times demographics reporter in her piece, Gender Double Standard.

See her story below for an in depth look at this phenomenom.

In general, men like Tomboys. but women do not like Tomgirls. However, if done right, tomgirls, sensitive men, neat freaks, artists, metrosexuals, men who perform traditionally female jobs, can be fertile ground for the creative writer when sketching out a male hero. Call it a flaw if you like.

Hollywood has much more fun with this than romance writers who tend to stick to alpha rather than beta heroes. Think of Cary Grant (as a professor) in Bringing Up Baby. Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie.

Could you imagine the neat freak in The Odd Couple (Felix) played by a leading and very handsome man with the story twisted to showcase a romance with a circumspect heroine? Take it a step further and have them live together. Instead of Oscar, let's call her Oscalina.

Just have fun with it, there's a ton of material to be mined.

With all the heroines in romance being scarfed up by alpha heroes, what's a beta type of guy to do?
Here's one way. The trailer for the movie Her.



  1. Yay! I love Joaquin Phoenix and all those geeky guys. It's the brain I fall in love with.

    1. Hi Susan,

      Here's Doctor Frankenstein as a female constructing her man from odd parts found in graves and teaching hospitals. "It's the brain, get me a brain i can fall in love with Egor."

      "Yes, Mistress."

      Of course, Igor is distraccted by a fly and grabs the wrong brain, that of (?????)

  2. You do make some good point, Bob. I think women marry betas but in their fantasy world, they like to believe a true alpha would fall for them. Hence the popularity of the alpha male. It's also way bodice rippers are STILL popular!

    1. Thanks Regan,

      I need to state her my frustrations. I have written (years ago) two novel length manuscripts in which a sassy computer, who has a relationship partially built on jealousy, is featured. My new year resolution is to get these out there this year.

      p.s. Next week I going to address monogamy in aplha and beta males from a different POV..