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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Alpha Man: species: Homo stupendous, AKA, God's gift to women

I read in the OP-ED section of today’s LA Times (1/19/13), Are We Violent By Nature? by Luke Glowacki. Luke suggests we are ready to go to war or get an advantage while competing for limited resources. We’ll also use differences between groups of people for advantage. Although not explicitly mentioned, our early pre-history, with man flirting, on and off, with extinction, far preferred and developed cooperative efforts with other groups to survive. This leaves man both a warrior and a peace maker.

Can man be both monogamous and promiscuous? I’ll simplify this question with speculation. Let’s call Alpha man mostly promiscuous and Beta man mostly monogamous.* Why?

Alpha man feels the need, call it genes, subconsciously and/or consciously, to spread his seed to every woman he desires. If he loses one he’ll get another. Beta man is so happy (and fortunate) to have the love of one woman, he feels the need not to mess it up by cheating just in case he never gets another woman or deep down inside he feels he wants no other woman. He has met his soulmate.
* I believe humans, both male and female, lean to monogamy. It's not only smarter, it makes for a happier life for husband, wife, and children.

The moral of this story may lie in the nuanced way you treat these two different types of heroes and how they struggle over the life of the story (arc).

Taylor Swift and Carly Simon sing and talk a little about "You're So Vain."

Next week I'd like to talk about Taylor Swift.

For those who'd love to hear the original in full:
Carly Simon, 1972, You're So Vain:


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