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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Breaking Bad (habits)

Resolution central, 1/1/14

I need your help. Last year the world chess championship grabbed my attention and I started playing again. But, I don’t want to play, I want to write. Even though I have won California championships and other titles, chess is useless to me now. My problem is, unlike chess, I get little feedback that I’m a good writer, one good enough to be published.

Published authors also enjoy an organization that helps them maintain a level of productivity and offers professional feedback about their prowess.

Most people need to make more than resolutions. They need to change their way of doing things. Joining a group like the Challenge group of RWASD is a great first step. Ultimately, they need an accountability partner. Someone who will get on their case or offer encouragement as needed. Someone who recognizes the best way to help their friend. Anybody?


I resolve to publish, whether traditionally or indie, four romance novels already completed. I’ve set in motion a process where they’ll all be professionally edited soon. I resolve to continue writing while I incorporate the editors’ changes and follow through to publication.

Who would like to share their resolutions, or better yet, join a list of people wanting an accountability partner suitable to their needs?

# # #

I choose Gotye’s video and song SOMEBODY I USED TO KNOW because it intrigues me on so many levels. Grist for the writer’s mill or as a chess addict or about a lover in some romance novel?

Leave the past behind and step into your better future, if you dare, (dare to change). In the meantime an old lover, chess, is pulling me away from you, darling.


  1. You're looking for an honest, objective, yet supportive critique partner. Start sharing excerpts of your work in writer's groups. Facebook is rife with them. Find me on FB and I'll certainly interact with you there and you'll find even more connections through me, if you're interested.