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Sunday, January 5, 2014

A priceless 99 cent buy

You can get some really good bargains in the 99 cents store. I’m peering up now at my 99 cent calendar featuring Miss January. Miss January is Miss February, etc.
I, in complete adoration, absorb every detail of my first girlfriend. Okay, she really wasn’t mine, she was everybody’s and I was too young (what would I do with her anyway?). Drat. I was in love with Audrey Hepburn when most of the other boys preferred somebody not skinny, like Marilyn. Monroe was good looking, but give me a break, no Audrey.

I’ve never got over her ‘type’: unique, perky/querky, thin, impossible smile, huge heart.

So why does one man like the volumptuous type and the next a svelte beauty? For me, it's more complicated than that. Ask me, and I'll try to explain it. Just be aware that your hero might be attracted to a certain type and be ready to explain why in interior monologue. I love the way Susan Elizabeth Phillips handles this question.
From YouTube: "It's so Audrey! A Style Icon"
Next week I'll be talking about the Gender Double Standard.

I'll leave you now. I've got a calendar to go through.


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