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Sunday, March 24, 2013

How to write a novel in 9 minutes, March 24, 2013

At the So Cal RWA 2013 conference, I attended many amazing classes. In particular, Chris Green had us listen to a short instrumental in which we wrote down the basics of a novel (conflict, black moment, climax, opening hook, inciting incident etc.). At first I was sceptical, but I wrote two story concepts that I could easily convert to novels. We had fun sharing some terrific ideas.
For those of you who hadn't attended, try listening to Rhapsody in Blue* (1924 original) and let me know if you've created something you'd like to turn into a novel. *I choose this masterpiece because it never fails to inspire me.
I'm picky when it comes to renditions of Gershwin's artistry. It's hard to find a laughing clarinet like you'll hear in the opening. It's never been done better, IMO.

Did you just listen to the music and not write anything down (because no one's there to watch over you)? Sorry, try again. Gershwin tells a story and it doesn't have to be about New York.


  1. Bob: You chose a great song. Gershwin is one of my favorites. I never tried to write a book while listening but it's a thought. Good luck.

  2. Thanks Phyllis,

    My education may be limited, so I'll just say it about Rhapsody: It's the best I've ever heard.

    In nine minutes you could have the beginnings of your next story. Chris Green has this down pat, so I refer you to her if you want to see how it helps her productivity or how exactly she uses it. Or maybe there are class notes. I'll check the web site, later in the week.