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Sunday, March 17, 2013


A scene is worth a thousand emotions.

Once in a while a reality show’s character takes the cake and becomes a minefield for a romance writer, but I’ve never seen anything like the finale of The Bachelor (3/11/2013) when Sean proposed to Catherine.

I lost count of the emotions going thru her mind*. *Mind = body, face, and words, and maybe a little intuition on my part.

Catherine said that whatever happened—at that point she had basically a 50/50 chance (two girls left)—her life would change forever and she tried to prepare herself for it.

For writers who don’t harvest ideas from the show or just don’t like it, it would be worth your while just this one time to see the short clip of the proposal below. Let me know what emotions you spotted if you like or just feel it. Kleenex alert.

There will be a televised wedding in June and Sean has accepted an invitation to be on Dancing with the Stars.
For those who don't watch the show, please try not to be too critical of Catherine's numerous "Oh my goshes" after the proposal. She's an extremely intelligent and funny lady with a huge heart who was overwhelmed with emotion IMO. Besides, what would you say while the whole world was watching? Answer: collect yourself.

For those die-hards of the show, here's the prequel of the above. Right before the proposal Sean reads a letter from Catherine with some voice mixing of the two of them. This was beautifully produced.


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