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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Help me, maybe. March 10, 2013

Help. I need the names of male agents or editors in the romance novel business.

I’m in trouble. When I first entered RWA, I met some polite resistance from agents, editors, and some writers. Because I’m a guy. I understand the prejudice and I love you all, but I’m getting full manuscripts rejected in which I’ve been told I’m a strong writer but my tone isn’t what they’re looking for. IMO, my tone suits the genre/story that I’m writing, therefore I must believe I need to write a different story (and I’m working on that).

About prejudice:

1.      I suppose guys in Hollywood who dominate romantic comedy writing, might feel the same way against women, but then there was Nora Ephram, etc. (For novels, how about Nicholas Sparks?)

2.      I know many men spoil it, for those of us who love women, with derisive things to say about “chick flicks.” See clip at bottom.
3.      Prejudice is a generalization that predisposes a person to subconsciously reject the efforts of the one they are prejudiced against.

4.      Some men are artists or ambidextrous or use both sides of their brain. Shoudn't creative types be excluded from prejudice or is it too strong to overcome (without your support)? IMO, prejudice should be dropped when recognized.

5.      Many men love women and some try to understand them.

6.      Some read minds!
7.   Men write differently than women. This too is a generalization. I want to be considered as an individual.

Do I have to hide behind a pen name when writing to an agent or editor? This practice is discouraged as unethical.

I’m thinking as a start, maybe I should find male agents or editors. I need your help with names. I already know of Christopher Keeslar.


This doesn't mean I'll stop trying to acheive a contractual relationship with whomever is qualified, no matter their sex.


  1. I'd think any male agent could represent you. Ethan Ellenberg comes to mind. However, if you don't have an objection to publishing with an e-pub, Jennifer Lawler at Crimson Romance is actively seeking manuscripts and you could earn your chops that way first. The Wild Rose Press is another.

  2. Hi Tara,

    I'm sorry I didn't respond faster, I was planning for the SOCALRWA13 conference which was a blast. You gave some great leads which I'll soon follow up on. At the conference I had the good fortune to meet Heather Bennett of Decadent had some wonderful things to say about male authors and my manuscript in particular. I had entered the critique group with her as leader. She liked my 1st ten. One thing led to another and I'm sending her two ms. But I won't (nor should anybody) fall asleep. Someone in business for themselves must see if anybody else likes their product. But right now I can't imagine a better mutual admiration society.