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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Does an Alpha Hero like Strong Willed Women?

Some called them kick ass heroines, when they’re spies, detectives, military.

Some say they know what they want and how to get it. These women are successful in business but are they successful in matters of the heart?

The younger you ask the guy, the more likely he picture his future unknown mate as a nurturing, affectionate, loving, kind soul, gorgeous and sexy (naturally), totally dedicated to loving him (toss in—makes him laugh). Someone he could have and hold, love and protect. Nothing wrong with that. This preconception stems partially from stereotypes with a dose of insecurity typical to a boy turning man. He enters a confusing world of adult responsibility and the propagation of the species.

My Renaissance man can be alpha, beta or gamma but always knows a good woman when he meets one. He’ll shuck off his immature ideas of the ideal woman when he gets to know her. Perhaps she’ll save him from financial ruin, rescue him from terrorists; teach him the value of love. It doesn’t matter. A real hero has no fear of who is boss in any given situation, in fact, he thanks God he found her, because they make a great team and he finally understands the true meaning and can feel, love.

Last night, Hallmark premiered, Valentine Ever After, starring, Autumn Reeser, Vanessa Matsui and Eric Johnson. In the movie, the writer adeptly explores these concepts and how they change people. (30 second promo)


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