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Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Tale of Two Loves

Handsome Ben at 26 wants to find the love his parents have. This 6’4” Renaissance man was a star quarterback, loves basketball, and yet is an avid traveler and a champion of varied cultures. He has worked at a zoo in Peru, traveled through the jungles of Bolivia and even hiked the spiritual trails of famed Machu Picchu.

Ben has time off from work now and has committed to focus every day on finding love. He found too much.

One gorgeous woman, Amanda, 25, divorced, with two little girls is compelling with a nurturing, funny personality. Ben's heart, being infinite, has more than enough room for Amanda and her two babies.

The other woman*, Lauren, also 25, is the cutest girl ever. She’s funny and empathetic. Both women live by the Golden Rule.

According to societal rules he must choose one if he wants to be married, (the rare alternative, polygamy, is not attractive to any of them). Therefore, he must shred his own heart, break someone else’s and never look back. Be a man, but it won't be easy.

How can a man or a woman be in love with two? Love is infinite, but earthly life is finite. Think back to the days you were dating and I bet you can identify a point in time where you were uncertain as to which direction to take.

The good news. Dedicating to one person does not mean the other will be miserable forever. A woman with great qualities will get over it and find someone else. Love is infinite.

The great news. Dedicating oneself to finding love is also a matter of education and he's going at it, 24/7. Here the advanced degree on life will reap unending benefits for the couple.

I'm going beyond my simple point to say that his also-rans, girls three and four, were amazing women as well.
*Actually at the time of this writing, there are four women left, so the two I chose, as if I had a vicarious interest are just that, Bob's choices, not Ben's. The four remaining are, each in their own way, terrific catches.

Here's a promo for ABC's The Bachelor that fleshes out my thesis above and gives you a chance to ogle via the privacy of your home computer, Ben Higgins and his possible mates.


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