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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Alpha Males and Space

By space, I mean the world the alpha lives in and uses to his advantage. If you’re writing alpha males, you need show this, especially at the beginning of their arc.

As an example, let’s reflect on something most of us have experienced. We get married and then must learn to live with each other’s (silly) habits. Naturally, an alpha male, who knows all, sees his mate’s actions as inferior to his own. He then feels compelled to teach her how to do it right, which can lead to arguments. Most young couples have small kitchens and get in each other’s way. The woman recognizes this but also sees the advantage of intimacy. The alpha will be aggravated until he becomes civilized and begins to see the world through his lover’s/wife’s eyes. Hopefully, all this can be worked out during courtship.

The Lord of the manor yearns to be king.

Does your hero order for both at a restaurant, not consult on where to go on the next date, talk about himself and his aspirations or does he listen, enjoy and support her?

What about alphas who have a strong religious or moral code? The heroine must conform to their way of thinking. Somehow they see last the humanity of the other, in this case, the object of their desire.

These aren’t generally neatniks but more likely control enthusiasts. They don’t care about the things around them as long as the things help them achieve dominance. That is, everything is there for them.

Food for thought: In many Romantic comedies on TV or in the movies the heroine rejects this type of male in favor of someone more loving. In many romance novels, the heroine tolerates and decides to change the Alpha or decides he will change after falling desperately for her. There is no
right and wrong way here. Don’t be lured by the everybody-does-it-that-way argument.

For no particular reason other than education on alphas and that the following song makes my wife laugh:
Justin Bieber, 2016, Sorry



  1. Have to agree with everything you said, Bob.
    About small kitchens, they can be quite romantic, even if you're not in the mood. My husband waits until I'm opening a jar, so he can move in to hug me!!

  2. My latest release, Lying Eyes, has an alpha hero. I hope I got him right.