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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Signing your life away

I'm up in Brea, California at the Embassy Suites signing my novels from 2 to 4 pm. So I need to be short today.

Sometimes you can wreck a novel by throwing in too many obstacles, too many negatives. You can wear out your reader.

I was reminded of this axiom, while watching the second episode of Married at First Sight. The director heavy-handedly played up the struggles of the new couples, to the point that the previews of future episodes were entirely negative. The director missed the point. An audience for this show wants at least some happily-ever-afters. If only about failure, then the director is announcing to the world that the experts and/or the couples hadn't known what they were doing or weren't serious.

Fool me twice, because I'll continue to watch (for a while) in the vain hope a couple survives.

I typically add a video here. I managed to download it but cannot verify it.

A separate thought:
At the conference, a stunningly beautiful friend complained to me that guys complimented her to have their way with her.

News flash: Every hetero guy is guilty in varying degrees, because that's the way God made us. Now most of us resist the temptation due to societal pressures or being totally in love with someone else or it's such a subconscious need that we might hardly notice or he's so old he's forgotten (like me), but it is still part of our very base psychology.

Men want to populate the planet all by themselves, selfish bastards.
Women want the best man to give them the perfect child.

Don't blame me, have a talk with the Creator.

Love the One You're With, 1970, Stephen Stills:



  1. Bob: I've never been beautiful, so not my problem. Guys have to like me for my brain and/or personality. But your advice is good. Hope you sell lots of books.

    1. Phyllis, I don't agree about the "I've never been beautiful" comment.

    2. Phyllis, I don't agree about the "I've never been beautiful" comment.

    3. Phyllis...that is so not true, you are beautiful. For ninety percent of us, it's a mix of attractiveness, personality and values. We all can't be JayLo.


  2. Phyllis, I think you're beautiful.

    What do we mean when we speak of love?
    How can anyone be truly in love at first sight with beauty alone?
    Don't we need to see a person animated, before we even start to develop feelings toward them?
    Yes, both men and women are driven by hormones, but we all know that writing an HEA romance (and an actual real-life romance) requires details about so much more.

    Thanks for pointing this show out to us, Bob.
    I agree with you that it can be a great source for romance writers.

  3. Yes, Susan, animation is the key, otherwise we're like paintings in a museum.


  4. It amazes me that a woman will arrange her boobs just so in a plunging neckline, then get pissed off when men stare! Guess I'm just old; I don't mind a guy complimenting me just to see if he can "hook up" for however long. At least I'm not invisible, or totally disgusting yet in all my roundness.

    I'm not a true HEA person, but I have to agree with not portraying everything in a negative light. I had thought the Married at first sight program was supposed to highlight the benefits of arranged marriages, so I am hoping most of those work out for the couples. I'm not watching the program though; I'm skeptical regarding reality shows. I think they are well scripted for specific outcomes.

    Yep, I'm a love cynic.

  5. Hi Dolorah,

    Yep, I've noticed when the "girls" are hanging out and I often thought how unfair. I mean guys can't let their cajones hang out LOL. Besides, that's a pretty ugly sight, IMO.

    You are right to be skeptical about reality shows. I know the producer of a reality show. She's said that if they handed out a script it would get all over social media and ruin their ratings, but, she cautions, they don't have to, they just select from tons of footages what they think dramatizes the show best. Of last year's three couples 2 are still married. Their script is given to them by their family, LOL.

    Complimenting you: who wouldn't. You're sharp and nicely round. We'll discuss this over a cup of coffee, LOL.