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Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Bachelor chooses

Tomorrow night is the finale of The Bachelor. Chris Soules, a farmer, has narrowed his search down to two women. When a busy farmer runs his business, driving a bit more to meet people becomes difficult. However, there are fourteen towns close to Chris’s Arlington Iowa, a one-hour drive for the farthest one. Chicago is 250 miles away and Chicago is where one of the two remaining contestants, Whitney, the fertility nurse, lives. She has not only told Chris she loves him but has said she is ready to give up her career to become a wife and mother. News flash, nurses are needed everywhere. The show has left unresolved how either of them feel about working moms. I like her a lot, although her voice took some getting used to. To me, it so obvious he had fallen for her early in the show, starting with moment she suggested crashing a wedding down a park hill.

The other contestant, Becca, a virgin, never in love, chiropractic assistant from San Diego, is younger and uncertain as to what she wants.

I know some of my readers aren’t fans of this show. I just write about what I like or what attracts me when, generally, it comes to the male POV. There’s always a point. I’m not recruiting for the show; I’m just pointing out some interesting ideas I had and wanted to share.

Ellen DeGeneres interviews Chris Soules:  

For those who accrue odd facts about romantic themes: There is an ever growing range of dating sites, such as, farmersonly dot com or farmersdatingsites dot com.

Chris Soules has kissed more women on the show than any bachelor from past shows has. I guess farmers are earnest when they cultivate a good crop.

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  1. Bob: As you know, I'm not a "Bachelor" watcher, but I enjoyed reading about the two women the farmer is interested in and the problems certain occupations pose when it comes to finding a bride. I wish him luck.