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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thanks for giving me your love

I was driving my 7 and 10-year-old grandsons home from school and wondered what I could say that would get their attention even while they were playing on tablets. I always ask them what one thing was the most memorable or interesting that they did in school that day. Then, I told them about how people don’t remember much when they’re twenty and trying to recall what happened in school when they were kids. I related the story from my kindergarten about the little girl who was standing in line, had to go, wasn’t allowed out of the line and dribbled down her leg. I mentioned how little I remembered before I was five and I offered a remedy for any memory they’d want to keep. Just like in a dream, if you don’t repeat it back to yourself, the contents of the dream will disappear.


Later that day the 10 year old stopped playing on the TV, without warning reeled off the entire day’s activities at school and gave me a hug. You think that didn’t get me? Just as I asked them to treasure life’s experiences, it was my turn to repeat this story. I’ll never forget it. and didn't need repeating.


Happy Thanksgiving.



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Why do I use videos? So that you’ll remember my blog by association (and be entertained), much like repeating a story to yourself from a dream or an experience, you’ll have a multi-faceted remembrance.


About the male POV: well this story describes the way I think!

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  1. When I was a child, we often spent Thanksgiving at my aunt and uncle's apartment. The day I remember was the time my cousins and I were playing in back of the building, swinging on a rope hanging from a high balcony. I slipped and fell, cutting a gash in my upper lip. It's faint, but the scar is still there. Happy Thanksgiving to you.