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Sunday, October 5, 2014

The visual man revealed

It is said, "guys are visual." But what does that really mean? Well, I'm a guy and I'll let you in on a guy secret. Guys are attracted to motion.
He's standing before a dance floor. He spots three attractive women. He decides which one he prefers. Then a dance starts and only one is animated, not the prettiest, but he asks her to dance.
He's in an art gallery. Three beautiful girls are studying the relative merits of three paintings by different artists. One girl begins to show emotion thru facial expressions for artist number one. The guy also likes the art and buys the painting. No silly, he strikes up a conversation with the enthusiastic girl.
Nature is not static. Procreation or its drive revolves around the consumation of movement.
This guy, me, is severely attracted to Tahitian women doing the fast dance or Hawaiians doing the Hula. I love their (help me with this description - I'm serious) very long fluffed curled to wavy hair as it sways to the beat of the rhythm of life.
A guy might appreciate the 'looks' of a woman, but he knows nothing until that woman moves. This includes all her ways of communicating.
What you'll see below may be more interesting for a guy than a girl, but who doesn't appreciate this form of artistic expression. Polynesian dance compilations. This presentation has little to do with me being in Hawaii right now, I swear.

Extra credit: Poetry In Motion, 1960, Johnny Tillotson


  1. Bob:
    You're in Hawaii right now? I'm jealous. We owned a condo (then two) on Maui for 20 years and visited twice a year. Sold the last one ten years ago and have only been back once. My novel STRANGER IN PARADISE is about the joys of Hawaii.

  2. LOL Great explanation. But I wonder if it also has do with reading emotion and deciding which one will be more receptive. :)