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Sunday, October 26, 2014

All About That Jazz

A couple weeks ago, I showed the video All About That Bass. Someone wrote to me about how she couldn’t get into pop music (or America’s Top 40). This reminded me of the disparate styles we see in our writing industry. My point is, we may not be writing literary novels but something can be learned from all styles or genres. This in turn could freshen up—you might be worried—a tired manuscript. Clichés come in short and long form. Avoid them if you can. A guy might write more story and less interior monologue, a gal the reverse. This doesn’t mean that we can’t mix it up. Our own Morgan H Macdonald took on serial killers (romantic thrillers) to great success. Jump out of your female or male skin and breathe and then get back into that skin because I like you just the way you are.

Here’s a jazz version of All About That Bass. It’s not only good, it may make my point. Analogy alert: Jazz is to Pop as Literary is to Genre fiction. True or false?

Bassist Kate Davis sings (Sept 2014)

Extra ridiculous credit: Parody is also a writng style. Here's to all those overworked moms out there:
I Just Need Some Space by MyLifeSuckers. There no end to this song. They even played it at the World Series, All About That Base (that is).

Okay, I promise, no more of this Bass stuff. It's All About The Words.

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  1. Thanks for the music. I'm not a Literary writer, but I love jazz.