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Sunday, October 12, 2014



He takes her in. Age has stolen many of her charms but he only sees beauty. He's overwhelmed with love. His heart is full of memories of their life together. Even if she cannot fully participate with him he fills in the gaps and cares for her with every ounce of his energy.

Last week I wrote about how activity of any kind (I didn’t elaborate, so let’s specify movement, attitude and conversation) fully trump static beauty. Next week I'll cover the one exception.

THE NOTEBOOK by Nicholas Sparks shows us a great example of this devotion to a life of love and more, much more. Here’s the trailer for the 2004 movie. In this movie ask yourself what intrigued the boy's initial interest in the girl? Was it her pretty face or was it her beauty and the way she acted?

You may be interested in Sparks' upcoming film, THE BEST OF ME. The film graces familiar ground when a young couple meets resistance from parents, but a brilliant romance writer has an irresistable way of showing his/her story. [Besides, hasn't every tale been told in one way or another when you consider the basics? We supply the fresh take/twist(s)/depth etc.].

Shameless plugs (GIVE ME YOURS TOO in comments below): In a couple weeks my rip off (LOL) of Shakespeare's DOUBLE HAPPINESS will be out. I give it a complete make-over. I mean, what did Billy boy know anyway? In my recently released A MORE PERFECT UNION to quote a reviewer, RW Richard "...has done what no other author has before, made a hero and heroine running for the office of United States President fall in love with one another..."

Well the idea of odd bedfellows is an age old tale as well, but that didn't stop me from trying this twist.

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  1. The Notebook was well done. I'm not much of a romantic, but I thought the story was unique. I loved the twist - the ending was satisfying, not necessarily happy.