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Sunday, May 25, 2014


Andi Dorfman was an Atlanta assistant district attorney. She gave up her job to find love (and she'll easily find a new if not same job when she's through the process). She's fiesty, beautiful, sharp, incisive and fair-minded. Personally, I much prefer a woman who shows interest in intellectual subjects. When I was younger I worried more about intellectual balance, but, of course, each person is different and brings their gifts to the table. There is no such thing as balance. I think Andy is a great catch.

Some guys can't handle equality. In today's world, I imagine, women would prefer not to associate with troglodites (people who still have trouble with women's equality in the eyes of God and the law). You can write this kind of guy as long as he has a meaningful arc IMO, but I can't go there. My pen won't push. I want to save the cat as soon as possible.

Andi is a Catholic girl. Her heritage partially explains her first impression rose. The guy may not be the most handsome one on the show (he's good looking), but he demonstrated a big heart and a big family, eleven siblings, I think, including him. Therefore the attorney deduced (or asked) that he too was Catholic. She observed his big heart and connected.

Will this strong willed lady be able to find a mate, get him by her tough father, by her own walls? She's trained in logic as are scientists. Sometimes logic can get in the way of seeing past the present situation to a future in which someone will surpirse her (much like Desiree - the previous Bachelorette, who is getting married). So what am I talking about? In the promos for future episodes, the producers made it look like she became dissappointed (perhaps losing who she wanted) and gave up (left the show).

You tell me. As I tell my younger daughter, Laura, you are a whole person. Whether you get married or not, it's your choice and I respect and support your choice. She's so beautiful she could have been on the show, but she has a boyfriend.

Andi hands out her first impression rose, shown May 19th, 2014, on The Bachelorette (1 minute).



  1. Bob:
    I don't watch Reality shows (except Dancing With the Stars and only when I like the participants - like this year's Amy, Meryl and Charlie) but I enjoyed your comments about strong women. It took me three tries before I found a husband who actually liked my being smart. (He is too.)

    1. Hi Phyllis,

      I came out of my cave to watch Meryl dance. To me, she's a gorgeous angel. Interesting is the "romance" between Max and her. Of course, they act for the audience, but Max seems so smitten. IMO, max is too volitile for her. But if anyone could pull a thorn out of a lion's paw, she could.

      Reality shows up in so many forms. I.e., a kids' soccer game, in which the audience, the parents and grandparents watch and the kids try to meet their expectations therfore changing their natural state. The Bachelor/ette is one of not many shows that watch every minute of. Call my a hopeless romantic. Not only do i enjoy the possibility of romance and the way they arrive at it, I enjoy the dialogue/monologue and harvest it for ideas. The villians are especially interesting, neither too black nor too evil.

  2. Liked your post, and I watched the first episode, but it was so staged, I was embarrassed for the guys, especially those who felt forced to come up with something clever to say. The Bachelor and Bachelorette shows are not romantic to me because when the numbers of seeking to sought are forced to be imbalanced, there are other factors engaged besides sharing deep and honest emotions.

    1. Hi Susan,

      I think the word contrived fits better than staged. All life is staged. neighbors are visiting, what do you do? You straighten up. You are going to meet somebody, you mull over what you might say or what you might want to see happen. Lately, and especially on the Bachelorette, the success rate has gone way up. ABC has improved. They've learned from some riciulously painful lessons. However, there is most definitely a merage on the show. Often in the bachelor or Bachelorette's heart, they know who early on and then have to find kindly ways to say goodbye to the rest. However some are confused about 2, 3 or 4 of them and see what happens. In real life, unmarrieds generally date more than one until they make a decision. True, not 25. In my ficition, as you know, I have a girl with seven boyfriends, one for every day of the week. I'd be lying if I failed to mention that the ABC shows influenced my technique. Perhaps my dark romanitc comedy will tickle you, someday. Point: I not only enjoy the show but learn from it.