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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kissing as the most intimate act

This post is dedicated to my high school sweetheart, Margie Miller, wherever she is.

I guess I won't get in trouble with Margie's mom if I reveal the truth now about our love life. Let me stress the love in love life. Day after summer day, we played at the pool until we got tangled in the aqua waters. We got out. i took her hand and we walked off behind the pines on the sand dunes. I explored her, being the curious boy I was. We didn't have sex (we never had sex), whatever that was. Besides I was a good Catholic boy. I had to stop our petting because I sensed the stealthy approach of two 'friends.' The next day or so, Margie informed me that her mom didn't want her to do any of the little things we were doing.
"What about kissing? I love to kiss you."
"And I love kissing you."
We discussed the outragious merits of kissing (and hugging). My strongest point was we were crazy for each other and we had to do something otherwise we might as well just be friends (and be miserable).
"But you can't do this." Margie referred to caressing her breasts, one of my favorite activities. I suspected she might have been hiding her kissing compromise from her mom. But when you are in love, something has to give.

We kissed for years. We kissed for hours at a time, to the point, when I conceived this post, I couldn't remember much of what we talked about. It was steamy, passionate, but above all, loving, mutual adoration. We stole kisses just about everywhere we could.

Kissing is all about love. As adults we learn that having sex and an orgasm is what is necessary. Back then we were completely satisfied in each other's arms whispering silly things.

Kissing is intimate, love affirming. For most of us, we'll never kiss as much as we did back then. We have lost something. Making kissing the goal rather than a step is so incredibly fulfilling.

I'm not going to talk about kissing techniques, because a good kiss tells your partner how much you love them, no matter what way you do it.

I was a lifeguard at the Downs Farm pool in Cherry Hill New Jersey. She worked in the snack bar. She put on our song. I got somebody to cover me for five minutes. i walked to the bar, went inside, up to her, in front of an audience of her friends (who were expecting this) and kissed her.

Our song: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me by Mel Carter, 1965


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  1. Bob: Great post, as usual. Like you, I did a lot of kissing in high school, but no sex. Fun to think back about it. Thanks.