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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers going through Hell

Mothers who go through hell.

Some women choose bad boys as mates. Some become pregnant willingly or not. Some have horribly painful and difficult pregnancies and then deliveries. Some have problem children and all have problem moments.

With a sense of humor and awe for all moms I present a trailer for the new Rosemary’s Baby (TV) because the scenes and/or trailer for the original movie, that I could find, focused on Satan and Satanists rather than the arc of the mother. It is interesting to note how the director shows Rosemary’s humanity and maternal strength through this whole story. I see allegory. Others might see a paranormal thriller. Perhaps it is both, but above all and in an odd way it’s a story about a mother who loves inspite of it all. Some professional critics have panned the new TV show and in some cases the book, but as professional writers we know and can use the truth to develop our craft. The devil is in the details. Isn't it my darlings?


  1. Bob: I like your post, but probably best not to tout the new ROSEMARYS BABY, which, as you point out, is getting really bad reviews. As a mother of three and step-mother to four more, I've had my "hell" moments, but the cards and phone calls yesterday told me I must have done something right. Did you treat your wife on Mothers Day? My husband made his special Eggs Benedict for brunch.

    1. Thanks Phyllis,
      Your are right. I modified the text a little to explain why I had to choose an example from the TV version. It may go to show how over time trailers and similar marketing vehicles are focusing more on the internal conflict rather than the Satanists.