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Sunday, April 13, 2014


Today will be short because I wouldn’t want to procrastinate and do my taxes on the fourteenth or fifteenth. LOL

The guy or gal nobody wants (by as physically superior opposite sex)

There’s an attraction (of pen to paper or fingers to keyboard) for the gal or the guy who feels because of the way they look they’ll never find their mate (and they often want the physically gifted). NBC had a show called Average Joe a few years back and it did, well, average. Susan Elizabeth Phillips plays with physically flawed (but adorable) heroines, like the gal in the beaver suit. I tried to think of a physically flawed hero other than Quasimodo (who didn’t get the girl) of King Kong (too hairy), but couldn’t think of one.

So that’s my challenge to you. In romance novels, who out there has a hero who isn’t the pro quarterback or Navy Seal, or outrageously handsome? I know we deal in fantasy to a certain extent. Maybe I’m rushing today. Who? Aren’t there some scientists, nerds, geeks, too tall, too short heroes in books you've read? Help.
Some Like it Hot, Billy Wilder, 1959, Monroe, Curtis, & Lemmon ended with an insurmountable (forgive the pun) flaw.

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