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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happiness is love

Whether you be a Christian, Moslem, Jew, atheist or agnostic, for the vast majority of people, life is a happier experience if you have love.


Today at Easter Mass our priest told a short story. He was the youngest in a very large family. Each year the number of kids hunting for Easter eggs got smaller. Finally, after visiting his neighbor he came through the front yard noticing there are no Easter Eggs. Some of them, he explained you could easily see in years past. He asked his Mom.

“Sure, Joe. Follow me.” So he walked behind her as she placed the eggs. Easy pickens’. He worried, it might be his last year—at seventeen. [Credit Father Joe, St. John’s, Encinitas.]


Then he tried to relate the story to the happiness of this day and I thought about romance and the love we have for all people and how desolate the world would be without love of any kind. Write your romances. Please.


Here’s a song, that I don’t quite understand the words to but have no trouble with what the lyrics are imparting. It’s infectious.

HAPPY, by Pharrell Williams, 2013

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  1. Bob:
    Yes, it's rewarding to remember Love on Easter. "For God so loved the world..."
    Have a great day. Phyllis