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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Made for TV romance movies

The Hallmark Movie Channel produces 30 to 35 original movies a year many of which are romances and many of those are adaptations of romance novels and romance authors who have been well received.

Being a guy I doubt I’m telling my sisters anything they don’t know. So I’ll give this a male twist (well). Before I started writing romances I generally had a middling opinion of made for TV romance movies. I love movies like You’ve Got Mail and used to compare everything to that standard and then decide if it would be worth my time. But once I started reading romances I became more attracted to the made for TV movies. It will always be true for me that I like a meaty plot but I also enjoy the tropes and interior ruminations/thoughts involved in the typical TV romance movie.
I picked one at random. Hallmark Movie Channel, Class, July 22, 2010 (5 minutes)
Extra credit: Is there also a difference in texture/timing or pace with movies released on the big screen?


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  1. Bob: I like those TV romances too. Well, maybe not all.