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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why not proposing marriage can be the gallant and difficult thing to do

The Bachelor Oddities

Nearly everybody has condemned Juan Pablo, the single-dad bachelor on The Bachelor 2014.

He had told Clare (runner-up) he didn’t know her except that she was very good at something sexual. He later explained he wanted to get to know her more. An American Bachelor would have and has often said that they love/like someone else more ( a more diplomatic positive spin).

Although they are on the show for months with nothing else to do but eat, sleep, drink, absorb love, the show has its flaws but so does life.

Many couples walk off declaring their everlasting love (and may mean it) only to suffer through having to keep the result of the show secret for months (until the last episode airs). Some couples, after the show, struggle with geographical undesirability. This is one of many reasons why JP Rosenbaum (contractor NYC) and Ashley Hebert, (fledgling dentist, Philadelphia) found each other (early in the show) and are now happily married (Phila & NY are close).

Back to Juan Pablo, he showed his disinterest in the third place gal, Andi Dorfman by not asking her anything about herself. True, this is not the American way of treating a woman who has gone on a long journey with the bachelor. Maybe, his English skills failed him or he was far too blunt for any woman. [Andi Dorfman, Catholic, father who would hunt down anyone who wrongs her. LOL She's an assistant DA, Atlanta, portrayed as a kick ass gal—for those who like to write their heroines as raw and refined in a gorgeous package, you may find the upcoming season must watch because she’s The Bachelorette.

Nikki (pediatric nurse) won the final rose and nothing else.

Juan Pablo and Nikki are still together as of today despite the spurious stories which feed hatred for this overly frank man. Like I said two weeks ago, Juan would refuse to give Nikki a ring because Nikki’s father had told him to please not propose until he was 100% certain. When you decide to hate Juan, consider the tree and the fruit it bears. Consider his culture.

Here's the famous nonproposal, ABC, The Bachelor 2014 Nikki and Juan Pablo:


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