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Sunday, March 9, 2014

How to handle alpha heroes from a different culture


Why foreign alpha heroes may act differently than an American alpha.

I’ve said it before; The Bachelor (ABC) is a treasure trove of dialogue and emotions for a romance writer. If you think it’s scripted (impossible because of the many hundreds—not one has said this happened). Remember: you script your novels. Novel dialogue is a step(s) beyond normal, fluff is taken out, drama is increased. It is more likely the producers cut and paste for maximum emotional content. Does this sound like something a romance writer does?

Juan Pablo (from Venezuela) is a single dad who tomorrow night will pick (orsay no to both) one of the two remaining women. Some of the rejected women have leveled charges that he’s not honest (is he on the show for fame?). This has happened with some past bachelors, less so with the bachelorettes. Before you decide on his honesty or consider writing a heroe from another country, consider excerpts from a fan letter about South American culture. Cultural research is a must.

Fan: South Americans hold harmony in relationships as more important than expressing thoughts directly. BTW, Juan’s ‘eees okay’ has its American counterpart in the pop psychology adult-adult relationships (some adults act as parent/child/adult to other adults). Obviously adult-adult is best for our day to day lives. See book “I’m Okay, You’re Okay.”

Fan: In Venezuela, the collective feelings are more important than individual feelings. On the show, some girls felt slighted by him. He ‘had’ to be honest in how much emotion he invested in his meetings with those now off the show. He was always polite and concerned for them (RWR).

Fan: meeting the family is not a big deal. Take this thought under advisement. Or watch and see.

Fan: They don’t pick up on some body language (and verbal language) and speak when it’s considered inappropriate. Hum, watch and see for yourself. ( Fan: Americans take turns in conversations.)

I have said this before, romance sells because people want to see love created, struggle and bloom into a happily-ever-after. There’s something to be said for the struggle and if Juan Pablo doesn’t find love on this show for whatever reason, eees okay Juan.
My favorite gal, Nikki, is a pediatric nurse with a wicked sense of humor.

Just a note to Bachelor fans. Nikki's dad asked Juan Pablo to propose to his daughter only if he was 100% certain. The show twists hearts if nothing else. The bachelor or bachelorette has feelings for more than one person. Over time, the feelings diminish, but what do you do when you are down to two, do you take a chance and propose because you have more feelings for one? I predict that won't happen this time, because Juan Pablo respect's Nikki's father. An American alpha is not likely to do this.

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