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Sunday, March 30, 2014


Sometimes an artist presents himself naked to the world.

I'm waiting for some Beta readers to report back in on this novel, one being a world famous author, yay. I can wait for you if you'd like to read it; so send me a request via my email or by commenting below and the novel is yours free of charge with two provisos. Please ask this week and either comment about the story to me or write a review (from outragiously wonderful to full stinky) when it gets to Kindle and/or Createspace.

So naked I present my comedy, but what do I mean? An artist should not look for something to hide behind. He should share, hopefully putting a smile on your face It's not for picturing me naked—which would be a like reading a Steven King story—scary, but for displaying the contents of my soul in every word I write.

GOING TO THE CHAPEL OF LOVE by the Dixie Cups, 1964
I like presenting the original artist as far back in time as I can find them. But I couldn't resist what follows. This next one is extra credit for those who must hear the song (by the Dixie Cups) one more time. While the song is sung, a collage of wedding photos over the decades (starting in the 1920s!) has been put together likely as a mix of retrospective and social commentary about marriage over the years. Try it, you'll like it.

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