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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nowhere Man, August 22, 2013

Nowhere Man

At my critique group, one member asked why I’m wasting my time writing romance. He thinks I’m a ‘great’ writer, but what else is there to write that is any better?
Nothing really, if you think about it.
Isn’t romance about the incomparably most valuable of human feelings? Without love, the world would be a destitute place where life would garner little meaning and less joy.

In a mystery, somebody harms somebody else. In a romance some two are improved.

In a tragedy, someone dies or the ending is negative. In a romance someone lives happily ever after. I’ve always felt, Hemingway, in writing A Farewell To Arms killed off Catherine more to create “great writing” or satisfy his writing buddies than write a real story that the war demanded. In war many bad things happen, but sometimes people do live happily ever after, if not scarred. Why not make a counterpoint comparing war and love. Nop. War is a loss and so is love! Move on folks and make sure to buy my next story.

A romance typically incorporates other genres. Romances don’t thrive in a vacuum.

My critique buddy suggested without saying so that my writing should use all my skills. I thought about my training as a research scientist/engineer/chess master/logician! I realize I might have something to offer in writing a mystery/romance. So I write on with my new novel Seven, a murder mystery and a romance mystery!!

Maybe my critique buddy is just embarrassed by the love scenes. Well check out almost any adult book in any genre.

Love making is one of the greatest joys and experiences in life. Imagine a god who decides not to imbue us with urges to mate. Some planet that would be. And where would we be now?

Nowhere, man.

(I'm not referring to my fellow writer, his stories are great, even has some romance! And he's a great guy.

I think Nowhere Man by the Beatles aptly describes my feelings about writing romance as being somewhere.





  1. Bob, this looks like a topic for your first science fiction novel. But even the vulcans get the urge every now and then.

  2. Ha ha,

    Thanks Ann,

    I guess we could all write anything, given time for research and enthusiasm.

    But, but, but, there are romantic men out there and I do enjoy rom coms.


  3. Bob:
    You are so right. Love makes the world go around and Romance is the best selling genre on Amazon. Of course romantic suspense is even better. Go for it. Good luck.

  4. thanks Phyllis,

    For every girl there's a boy. Statistically and literally. LOL.