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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Holy Batmen, Robin! POW. August 25, 2013

The recent controversy about Ben Affleck becoming the next Batman instead of Christian Bale speaks to a number of truths about writing!

Although Ben is an accomplished actor and in my mind quite capable. But fans have become attached to Christian’s nuanced role as Batman and to Christian as well.
Is it surprising that character development and emotional attachment to a particular actor could be so strong in what some consider the most one-dimensional of genres (comic book heroes)?

Although fans have been writing negative tweets (71% of 100,000 in the first hour of Warner Brother’s announcement). This is not (much) a case of trolls, avenging angels, or the irrational crowd. Just weeks before, the new Dr. Who was announced to nearly universal approval.

Damn good writing, acting, and directing.

As writers, we are entrusted with nurturing a character thru his/her arcs, making them likable, memorable, flawed, relatable, etc. in a story that inspires, intrigues, uplifts etc.

I remember a comment by one famous author about how another famous author’s heroine had reluctance to use or phobias against guns, but in one scene used a gun to abandon. The critter said she stopped reading. It’s that serious. Love your characters as if they were alive, because they will become real to your readers if you’ve done your job.

Adam West as Batman in the 1960s TV series serves us fine caviar or something mushy. Do not develop your characters in this way unless you want to see the end of the world as we know it. Holy Prediction, Batman.

ABC produced a campy and popular rendition of Batman for TV 1966-1968.



  1. Bob:

    Good post. Hollywood is known for this. Ben Affleck was great in ARGO. so they give him Batman. No surprise.

  2. Hi Phyllis,

    I agree, I think Ben will do a fine job with the role.

    thanks for your comment,