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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why a romance writer could use the bachelorette


I know, it's that time again and some of you hate or love the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. I'm a romantic. I love the show. I know you can hate the show and be a romantic or write romance. I'm just suggesting, that watching it can become a window into the way guys think. That's why I write this blog. I know if I were on the show and the woman was right for me, I'd fall in love whether or not some other guy ended up with her. If you don't try to love or put your heart on the line you would never know for sure. Right?

Some reality shows are so closely contrived by the producers, but the B/B doesn't need it (in fact, it would ruin the show). Sure, the producers choose their cuts wisely for maximize the emotional impact (just like we do with our writing). If you are immersed 24/7/8 weeks or whatever with love the only question to ponder, and if you have a heart, you'll become invested. Sometimes people play the system, not really being ready, but there fairly easy to spot.

I'll go out on a limb and predict Desiree Hartsock (like a name from a romance novel) will find love.

I have been inspired by their dialogue and asides (interior monologue) in my own writing. Of one contestant no longer on the show, Juan Pablo, Desiree had said, "he's like a dream of a man." This simple sentence had a huge impact on me, to the point I felt compelled to repeat it in my last completed novel.

My predictions for the finale tomorrow:

Drew will either be eliminated or eliminate himself. Why? Because Desiree has previously said she was falling in love with these two remaining men:

Brooks. He is sitting on the fence about whether he can make a lifelong commitment to Desiree and this should ruin his chances. Although, at this point, I can see how Desiree could make a mmistake. She's crazy about him. But she's also crazy about:

Chris. Chris is also in love with Desiree and has said so. He write her poems and she writes back. They have similar interests. The list is long for them. She should pick Chris.

Funny thing about the ABC web site bios. They list shoes sizes (snick). Chris's is a size 12, which means he has the biggest (feet). Funnier still, when Desiree was asked by her grilfirends from the previous season who she thought might be the best lover, she in a multi-bleeped response said Chris.

Now come on girls. Do you carry rulers in your purses?

Here's a clip, courtesy ABC of tomorrow's finale.


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