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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Before Sunset

Before Sunset, July 7, 2013

I just watched the romantic comedy “Before Sunset” 2004. It’s about two people tormented by a one night stand they had years before. They couldn’t forget each other. Not until nine years later did they meet again. For reasons not explained but fairly obvious they loved each other, and never stopped.

To my mind, this brings up the notion of romantic love. Is it real? Is it something we foster, to complete a void in our lives? Is it insurance against a sense of loss or incompletion in life? From this guy’s POV, I see meaning in life. We our endowed with this spirit or empowered by the eternal for a reason no one can completely undertsand. yet it is within us.

True love, whether successfully realized for a lifetime or a moment makes life complete.

Before Sunset, 2004 is a bit different in its approach to moviemakiing. I can niether recommend or pan it. I enjoyed it, but i feel it is entirely personal to the viewer. This is if you think about it unusaul for a movie meant for the mass marketplace.


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