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Sunday, April 14, 2013



I’m forever amazed by the talented and many published authors we have at RWASD. I’m currently reading Twist of Fate by Linda Randall Wisdom (1996). Linda did two remarkable things (so far) besides writing a great story.

1.      She was inspired by the, no longer on the air TV show, Quantum Leap. I learned I could be inspired by a TV show to write something similar (with a twist or two). Twisting a known story and doing it well guarantees an audience and readers already in love with your characters.

2.      She reversed one of the most hallowed tropes in romance writing: the guy is rich and rescues the down-and-out heroine. Here, the heroine rescues the failing hero with her check book.

I was going to write this blog post about how guys don’t see tropes the same way as ladies, but because of Linda, I know twisting a common theme makes for a good story and I can't find any evidence to support my idea.

When you construct your next story, consider changing any or every role to the opposite sex, no matter the age. It will challenge you, but would the story be just as good?  Since most romance readers are women and they often want the fantasy, are you writing in a way to fulfil them?

Isn't romance writing a good deal about the woman's heart, anyway?

NOTTING HILL: "But don't forget . . . I'm also just a girl . . . standing in front of a boy . . . asking him to love her."

p.s. Was doing taxes last week, hence no post on 4/7/13.

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