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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

PREDICTIONS FOR 2013...1/1/13


I predict new dances will start on the internet by men of varying talents. In 2012, we had GANGNAM STYLE and more recently 1 POUND FISH. Expect more this year.

When I grew up the dances people invented seemed endless and spanded many years.
Mash Potatoes, Twist & the Peppermint Twist, Bristol Stomp, The Stroll, The Pony, Locomotion, Fly, to name a few.

The Monster Mash was originally meant as a spoof of all those crazy dances, (1 POUND FISH seems to me to be a spoof), yet Monster Mash is the only one with legs, well maybe arms, and noses too (at least on Halloween).

Other predictions: Our chapter of Romance Writers of America will see ten members get first time contracts.


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