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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Putting the cart before the horse in romance 1/12/13

The cart before the horsing around.
A gal shows up for her first date in a wedding dress and asks and gets a kiss. You might not think this very likely in real life. Well how about reality TV?
Sean Lowe has a good sense of humor and took it well on the premeir (1/7/13) of The Bachelor. The gal in the dress was engaging (pun alert) as well, although during the show she drank more and more. Sean eliminated all the drinkers(drunks) but her.
How could he say no to his bride?
I know some of my mates at RWASD don't like the Bachelor, but I believe all my hetero women at RWASD like a hunk. So, this is for you. As good as any of your covers. IMO But what do I know, being a guy. Tell me if I'm off base.


  1. As a man, what do you think of men who sign up to be The Bachelor? Or even the women, for that matter?

    1. That's an intriguing question. It might be easy to say-it takes all kinds. I have a better answer. My daughters and nieces knew two participants as very close friends.

      The Guy was an entrepreneur from Encinitas who was very busy; talked into it; he felt he'd find somebody. He said it was much better to be linked scientifically
      ....better than the bar scene.

      The Gal, a born again Christian, had her family and friends push her, nominate her. Always the optimist, she dated the Bachelor after the show. His pick didn't work out. Smart money was he was a player. She however always kept a positive attitude. Nothing came of their relationship.