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Monday, December 31, 2012

Henry VIII's love letter to Anne Boleyn

Disclaimer: Henry VIII's choice of murder to susposedly solve his problems was both misguided and immoral. I publish his words out of a love of words as they were written or spoken. As in all historical romances, a properly researched story both in tone and times goes a long way.


A love letter from Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn (2nd wife).

Mine own sweetheart, these shall be to advertise you of the great loneliness that I find here since your departing, for I ensure you methinketh the time longer since your departing now last than I was wont to do a whole fortnight: I think your kindness and my fervents of love causeth it, for otherwise I would not have thought it possible that for so little a while it should have grieved me, but now that I am coming toward you methinketh my pains been half released…. Wishing myself (specially an evening) in my sweetheart’s arms, whose pretty dukkys I trust shortly to kiss. Written with the hand of him that was, is, and shall be yours by his will.*
*I interpret this as a sign of the divine right of Kings in which Henry, in love, also suggests that their relationship is by his will. He signs Henry Rex to hammer the point (IMO). To say Henry was passionate is understatement, to say he became a homicidal maniac drunk on power is accurate.

Another unusual fact I discovered when researching for my young Robin and Marian story:  In 1510, Henry and 11 nobles sneaked into Catherine of Aragon’s chamber disguised as Robin Hood and his men. He also put on Robin Hood plays in the open air at Greenwich.

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