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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Top ten qualities of a hero, Dec. 9, 2012

When in doubt, while writing a scene, showcase the kind of hero’s assets which attract the heroine. Be mindful of the story, characters’, and scene arcs.

1.       Moral integrity

2.       Faithfulness

3.       Dependability

4.       Kindness

5.       Sense of humor

6.       Intelligence (taking charge//always improving)

7.       Passion(ate) about things

8.       Listener

9.       Romancer (displaying desire)

10.   Sense of style

Besides a handsome face and good physique, this top ten list is useful in constructing a hero’s character. It’s hard to show in the course of a novel all of these traits, especially if you have a bad boy on your hands. But, this list represents what women look for most. When they read they want their fantasy man to have these qualities.

It’s the same for guys. I enjoy a heroine more if she has similar qualities.

The airport scene, Casablanca:
Now, strickly speaking, this isn't a romance or is it? Can love trump war? Michael Walsh wrote the sequel for Warner Brothers. As Time Goes By, published Aug. 1, 1999. I found this 'happy ending' and enjoyable read while in a cruise ship's library.

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