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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Testosterone 1/1/12

Okay, lets get this subject out of the way, up front.


My dad is one and I work at it with more and more success . . .

The first casualty of aging is often ego. At a RWA San Diego meeting, 2011, I said vainly, "My abs are better than that guy on the cover." I was kidding, being self-effacing, ego-less, (but deep down I do try to take care of myself-no longer the butterfly champ). Yet I got an instant nurturing response, "You certainly do." Now, mind you I didn't have my shirt off, and if I had and you were wearing a hood, I'd look pretty good.

Points to consider about older men:
They make up for less hormones with more experience.
They may be more loving and nurturing and less focused on sexual conquest or seduction.
Oh this one made me think. They may suffer from sexual identity confusion. This can be helpful in developing a comic character. Hey, remember I said this blog is not based on me.

Points to consider about younger men:
Their desire for the heroine is overwhelming.
They fixate on the physical and physical attributes, at first.
There may be a disconnect between their moral standards and the way they act (at times).

These points are guidelines with exceptions. They're meant to ellicit your comments.

Unless you're writing the next NOTEBOOK or a baby-boomer romance use these points for your supporting crew.


  1. Great blog!! :)

    Good details to keep in mind...

    Lisa :)

  2. Haha, I love that you pointed out the blog isn't about you at THAT particular point!

    I agree that younger men often have a disconnect. I have a particular guy in mind at the moment. I'm blown away by his sense of honor and chivalry. He surprises me every day, but he's a total manwhore. Can you imagine--a player with morals??? AND he looks just like Vin Diesel!

  3. They make up for less "harmones" - Hey Bob - what is a harmone? hehehehehe.

    Congrats on the new blog - it look super. And older guys rock- especially two-hundred-year-old vampires who look like your best dream ever.

    I'll surely be back to check out your POV on "Guys." Love that you're writing romance.


  4. Thanks Lisa, Angela, and Linda

    Oh, and another thing: older guys can't spell (harmones). The nice thing about being an administrator of your own blog, you can go back and correct.

    Guys in general don't stop to ask directions and if the spelling looks good to them, they don't consult a dictionary.

    Yes Angela, you have nailed it. Your Vin Diesel lookalike, is suffering from a very common trait in guys (sterling morals) but an absolute need to screw every female he wants (and sometimes doesn't want(conquest is the key word here). BUT, this will also be the subject of a future post.

  5. Most interesting post, Bob. Look forward to more words of wisdom from a guys point of view. Best, Joy

  6. Fun! I can see we were right in our estimation we were going to have to keep an eye on you ... ;o)


  7. Bob, great blog.

    So how many guy secrets are you willing to reveal? And can I quote you on that? :-P

  8. Thanks Pam and Ms. Taylor,

    Pam: I'm flattered, but confused. Do you mean by keep an eye on him, I can't take my eyes off of him?

    Ms. Taylor, I will reveal everything (I know or can research). The mystery that is man will now be solved. Hum.

  9. Bob, useful pointers for us gal writers. Hope to see more of this.

  10. Hi MATaylor:

    Oh, of course, quote away. Use a Lie Detector if you like. Hand cuffs . . .

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  12. Hi,

    When I click to open the blog soemtimes today's post shows up in archives. For those who were looking for the Jan. 8, 2012 post click on the archive.