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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chick Flicks 1/15/12

I’d like to do a little clean up before my new post. Being new to blogging in earnest I’ve responded to comments with a comment rather than replying. So, for those who are following me I have written back to you, and in the future will reply directly….And there might be some more points about the male POV in those responses you may find helpful or thought provoking. It’s all about getting a hold on your male POV by moving away from stereotypes.

Chick Flicks.

Finding the right man might come down to research and education. Imagine a world in which couples dating, ask questions or observations based on their life needs. In a previous comment, I mentioned how important it is to be educated about sex, marriage, and how to treat someone with love and respect.

Chick Flicks, a derogatory term used by men who are either bored while sitting through them or responding to pressure from their peer group (beer buddies). Remember GREASE, Danny on re-meeting Sandy is at first excited, then noticing his gang, backs off and says, “That’s cool baby, you know how it is, rockin’ and rollin’ and what not . . .”

Romance novels are something only women read, right? Googling this subject shows anywhere between 9% to 30% of romance novels are read by men and the range goes up for romance movies, especially romantic comedies.

It’s true, these movies and novels are primarily* directed at women in the same way action/adventure flicks are directed at men. *But, Hollywood knows how to build a story to entice men. Some men enjoy romance more than action/adventure. Why not our heroes? A man who appreciates the beauty of a woman, revels in the way she thinks, moves, feels, is dedicated to giving his woman the best of pleasure, life, and happiness should be considered as an evolved hero (perhaps at the end of his arc in act 3).

You had me in act 1.

Some men enjoy YOU’VE GOT MAIL and similar guy gets gal themes over some action flick.

Remember even tough guy Danny loved Sandy.

A great example: Ask Melissa Cutler to send or post her synopsis to her upcoming romance novel. You’ll be treated to an evolving hero in the ways I wrote about above and a great synopsis example.

For now, and for my geekettes, the ‘research’ posted below is mostly just fun:

And for a more serious approach:


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Robert! Great blog post :)

  2. I might have doubted you on this, but when stationed on my last ship, I noticed a strange phenomenon. I was one of the people who ran the movies for the ship, and I had consistent/persistent requests for The Notebook. I'd consider this a total chick flick, but after repeated playings, I had to accept the fact that this movie was one of the all-time favorites of a majority of the males on board, more so than Fast and the Furious or Never Back Down. I even informally discussed this with many of them. They LOVED that movie! Who knew there were so many inner romantics in those very manly (most of 'em, hehe) guys???